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President - Brent Smith

Brent Smith


Brent Smith:  Brent Smith, CPG #11130, Licensed Professional Geologist in Indiana and Kentucky, and Licensed Remedial Specialist in West Virginia, is currently a Senior Geologist and Project Manager at Burgess & Niple, Inc.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the Ohio State University. Brent joined Burgess & Niple in 1999 as a geologist in the Assessment and Remediation Section. Over the past 18 years he has developed extensive experience working on a wide variety of projects including environmental site assessments, remedial studies and investigations, statistical evaluations of municipal and industrial landfill groundwater data, hydrogeologic investigations for solid waste sites and water supply, RCRA hazardous waste closures, and vapor intrusion. He currently manages site investigation, groundwater monitoring, and statistical projects, and for various clients under applicable RCRA, solid waste, Ohio VAP, and West Virginia VRP regulations. Brent has also been a voting member of the Executive Committee of the Ohio Section of AIPG since 2009 where he served 2 years as a Member-At-Large followed by the 6 years as Section Treasurer.

Phone: (614) 459-2050 Fax: (614) 451-1385

Vice President/Secretary - Colin Flaherty

Colin Flagerty


Colin Flaherty: Colin Flaherty, CPG #11465, is the Environmental Department Manager in Terracon’s Columbus, Ohio office. His career in the industry began in 2003 and he has extensive environmental experience and knowledge in the geological sciences and he utilizes that experience and knowledge to manage a variety of projects including hydrogeologic site investigations, environmental due diligence, UST closures and corrective action, and numerous forms of environmental monitoring and reporting.  In addition to his environmental background, Colin’s time in the consulting industry has allowed him to become knowledgeable in the solid waste, industrial hygiene, geotechnical engineering, and the construction materials fields.  Colin has served on the Ohio Section Executive Committee as a Member-At-Large since 2014.

Phone: (614) 328-5138



Treasurer - Robert Andrews

Robert Andrews


Robert Andrews: Since 2007, Robert, MEM #2172, has been the Wellfield Protection Coordinator for the City of Columbus, Division of Water.  Prior to joining the City, Robert worked 17 years as a Geologist for several consulting firms and the Kentucky Geological Survey on various remedial and water resource investigations.  Prior becoming Treasurer in 2017, Robert served three years as a Member-At-Large on the Ohio Section’s Executive Committee.

Phone: (614) 645-3227

Past President - Curtis Coe

Curtis Coe

Curtis Coe: Curtis graduated from Ohio State University with his BS degree from Ohio State University in 1975.  He received his MS Degree from Florida State University in 1978. He is registered professional geologist in North Carolina, Kentucky and internationally he is a registered professional geologist in Alberta, Canada. He joined Ohio Section AIPG as a Certified Profession Geologist in 1983. He was Ohio Section President in 1986, 2014, and 2016 and was the National Chairman for the Ohio Section AIPG Meeting held here in Columbus in 1996.

Since graduating from College, Curtis has worked for industry, government, as well as Consultants throughout the USA and Canada. Research activity has included ground water supply; Coal Geology; Under Ground Storage Tank Management, Site Assessment and Remediation as well as Contaminate Transport activity of all types. He has published numerous papers on the impact of Surface and Long-Wall Deep Coal mining, Well Field Protection, and Contaminate Transport Hydrogeology

Curtis has joined the ODNR Division of Soil and Water Resources as a Hydrogeologist.  He is currently conducting Ground Water Supply Conflict Investigations for High Yielding Irrigation wells, Utica Shale Oil and Gas well drilling as well as Coal Mine Permits. He is involved with Ground Water Potentiometric Surface Mapping, GIS Investigations for ground water supply exploration.  He is providing Technical Support to the public, government, consultants, and Industry. You can contact Curtis at 614-265-6733 or by e-mail at, with any questions you may have regarding the hydrogeology of the State of Ohio.

Phone: (614) 265-6733 Fax: (614) 265-6767

Member At Large - Shay Beanland

Shay Beanland


Shay Beanland:  Shay Beanland, CPG # 11823, currently a Project Hydrogeologist and Project Manager at Eagon & Associates, Inc.  Shay joined Eagon & Associates, Inc. in 2004 as a geologist. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Science degree in Hydrogeology from Ohio State University. She has completed tasks for groundwater monitoring, statistical evaluations of municipal and industrial landfill groundwater data, hydrogeologic investigations at solid waste and C&DD sites, investigations and groundwater monitoring programs for RCRA hazardous waste sites, and computer modeling. She currently manages groundwater monitoring projects and/or statistical projects for various clients under applicable solid waste and C&DD regulations.  

Member at Large - Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Tim Brown:  Tim Brown, CPG #11637, is currently a Geologist at GT Environmental, Inc., in Westerville, Ohio, where Tim has been employed since the beginning of 2016. He has over 16 years of experience in the industry, and has worked extensively on projects involving Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, with emphasis on projects conducted under the Ohio EPA’s VAP. Major duties have included performing site assessment activities, remedial investigations, and management of various types of projects including those conducted under BUSTR, VAP, landfill post-closure compliance, and others. Tim has been a member of the Executive Committee of the Ohio Section of AIPG since 2013 as he has served as the Section’s Newsletter Editor.

Phone: (614) 794-3570  Fax: (614) 899-9255

Member At Large - Thomas W. Swinehart

Tom Swinehart


Thomas Swinehart: Thomas Swinehart, CPG# 3627,  Certified Professional Geologist in Indiana, Certified Coal Geologist from the American Association of Petroleum Geologist (AAPG) is retired from American Electric Power (AEP) where he worked for 28 years first as the Manager of Geology and Exploration for the AEP coal mines in Eastern and Western US and was also AEP's Senior Regional Coal Procurement Manager purchasing 5.6 million tons of annually coal from Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia for their power plants. He has served as the Chairman of the Ohio Mining Chapter 155 of Society of Mining Engineers for 15 years since 2000. He has been attending the AIPG Ohio Section's Executive Committee as a non-voting member for the last year. He is currently serving on the Board and as Membership Registrar of the Ohio Chapter of Palatines to America, and on the Board for Foundation Dinners in Lancaster, Ohio. In addition, he is the Chairman of finance and stewardship committee at the Mills Memorial United Methodist Church in Lancaster, Ohio.  He has in the past served on the Board for the Capitol Area United Methodist Community Ministries in Columbus where he is still is a member of their finance committee.

Phone & Fax: (740) 653-7018


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