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  • Thursday, Feb 16, 2017

    AIPG Ohio Section Winter 2017 Dinner Presentation

    Presenter: Robert W. Ritzi, PhD 

    Location: The Nutter Center, Berry Room, Wright State University,3640 Colonel Glenn Highway,Dayton, Ohio 45435 (MAP)

    Social hour begins at 5:30 pm followed by Dinner at 6:00 and Presentation at 7:00.

    Dinner will be buffet-style with cash bar.  The cost will be $25 for members/guests and $10 for students.

    Pre-registration and payment via PayPal will be required.  Please click on the following link to register

    Registration must be completed prior to 12:00 PM on February 13, 2017.

    Presentation: Trapping of CO2 in Permeable Sections of the Reservoir; The New Paradigm in CO2 Geosequestration

    Robert W. Ritzi, PhD,Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Wright State University,Dayton, Ohio

    Abstract: A large body of experimental, theoretical, and numerical research now shows that capillary trapping of CO2 in the permeable sections of a reservoir has a primary impact on the distribution of CO2 within the reservoir (e.g. Krevor et al., 2015).  A significant amount of injected CO2, if not all, may be trapped in the permeable sections of the reservoir and never reach caprock.  Caprock would be a redundant trapping mechanism in such cases.  Field observations now confirm the formation and stability of capillary trapped CO2 within permeable sections of the reservoir at pilot injection sites.

    The physical mechanism of CO2 trapping by capillary trapping incorporates a number of related processes, i.e. residual trapping, trapping due to hysteresis of the relative permeability, and trapping due to hysteresis of the capillary pressure. Additionally CO2 may be trapped due to differences in capillary entry pressure for different textural sedimentary facies (e.g. coarser- vs. finer-grained cross-sets). The amount of CO2 trapped by these processes depends upon a complex system of non-linear and hysteretic characteristic relationships including how relative permeability and capillary pressure vary with brine and CO2 saturation.

    A number of important candidate CO2 reservoirs exhibit sedimentary architecture reflecting fluvial deposition. Recent studies have led to new conceptual and quantitative models for sedimentary architecture in fluvial deposits over a range of scales that are relevant to CO2 injection and storage. We used a geocellular modelling approach to represent this multi-scaled and hierarchical sedimentary architecture. With this model, we investigated the dynamics of CO2 plumes, during and after injection, in such reservoirs.

    The results strongly suggest that representing small-scale features (decimeter to meter), including their organization within a hierarchy of larger-scale features, and representing their differences in characteristic relationships, can all be critical to understanding the primary trapping processes in some important candidate CO2 reservoirs.

    Biography: Robert W. Ritzi is a Professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Wright State University (1989-present). He has degrees from Wittenberg University (B.A., 1981), Wright State University (M.S., 1983), and University of Arizona (Ph.D., 1989).  Ritzi’s research has focused on understanding processes that affect subsurface fluid flow and mass transport.  Ritzi is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America, past Chair of the Hydrogeology Division, and recipient of their Distinguished Service Award. His many professional affiliations also include membership to the American Geophysical Union and the Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers. He has served on a governor’s appointment to the Ohio Geology Advisory Council, and served on the City of Dayton Environmental Advisory Board.  

  • Thursday, Apr 20, 2017

    AIPG Ohio Section Spring 2017 Dinner Presentation

    Information and Location TBD

  • Thursday, Sep 21, 2017

    AIPG Ohio Section Autumn 2017 Dinner Presentation

    Speaker and Location TBD

  • Thursday, Nov 16, 2017

    AIPG Ohio Section Annual Meeting and Dinner Presentation

    Speaker and Location TBD

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