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  • AIPG Ohio Section Spring 2017 Dinner Meeting Recap

    On Thursday, April 20, 2017, the Ohio Section of AIPG held its spring meeting at La Scala Italian Bistro in Dublin, Ohio. The event was sponsored by EA Group, ALS Environmental, and In-Situ. Guests enjoyed a social hour followed by an excellent dinner.  Guests included a variety of professionals and representatives of the Ohio State University (OSU) and Wright State University (WSU) Student Chapters. 

    Following dinner, AIPG Ohio Section president, Brent Smith, welcomed the attendees and gave an update on AIPG Ohio events, both past and future, for 2017.  This included the student-run Winter Dinner Meeting at WSU, and the recent OSU Student Chapter Field Trip to Shale Hollow.  Future events discussed included the September 2017 dinner meeting, the AIPG National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, and the AIPG Ohio Section Vapor Intrusion Short-Course scheduled for late-October 2017. Brent also took the opportunity to recognize student Chapter Presidents Emily Warren of WSU and Shelby Brewster of OSU, for all of their efforts in leading their organizations. Following the President’s message, Brent Smith introduced the guest speaker for the evening, Barry Allred, PhD, of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and Ohio State Adjunct Assistant Professor for the Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering Department.  Please click on the title for the full article and photos.


  • April 15, 2016 Field Trip Recap

    April 15, 2016 Field Trip Recap

    by Shelby Brewster, AIPG OSU Student Chapter President

    On April 15th, 2017, the Ohio section of AIPG had a joint field trip with students from Ohio State and Wright State University. The temperamental Ohio weather decided to be cooperative and granted us with ideal hiking weather. The tour was led by former AIPG Ohio section president, Curtis Coe, and OSU sedimentologist, Dr. Larry Krissek.

    Shale Hollow Park boasts some of the biggest Devonian carbonaceous concretions found in the Ohio Shale. During the Devonian, otherwise known as the “Age of Fishes”, Ohio was flooded by seas and teemed with aquatic life including trilobites, brachiopods, and massive fish such as the famous Dunkleosteus. As these ancient fish hit the sea bed, concretions began to form around the organic mass. The Ohio Shale concretions are interpreted to have been formed after the deposition of the thinly bedded shales due to the nature of the shale bending around the concretion as a result of stress from the growing mass.

    Click on the title for the full post and photos!

  • Petroleum History Institute Call for Papers

    The Petroleum History Institute is now accepting abstracts through March 31, 2017 for the 2017 Annual Symposium to be held on July 13-15, 2017 in Findlay, Ohio.


    For symposium details, see: 
    Please send abstracts to:  Dr. William Brice - 
    or call Marilyn Black – 814-677-3152 ext. 105 

  • AGI & Partners Publish Policy Recommendations for New Administration

    Reposted from AGI:

    AGI & Partners Publish Policy Recommendations for New Administration
    Joseph Lilek (
    March 20, 2017

    The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) has signed a new consensus document, Geoscience Policy Recommendations for the New Administration and the 115th Congress. The document outlines strategies for achieving shared national interests in which geoscience plays a key role, offering recommendations around five high-level thematic areas:

    • Enhancing National and Homeland Security
    • Increasing Economic Prosperity
    • Securing Resources and Strengthening National Infrastructure
    • Supporting and Growing Strong and Resilient Communities
    • Growing a Dynamic Workforce

    "AGI joins an intellectually diverse coalition to advocate on behalf of the geosciences in the federal policy process," said AGI Executive Director Allyson Anderson Book. “This consensus document demonstrates our community’s willingness to work with members of both parties to advance science-based policies that make us safer, stronger, and more prosperous.”

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  • Ohio's Utica Shale Fourth Quarter Production Totals Released

    Courtesy of ODNR:

    COLUMBUS, OH - During the fourth quarter of 2016, Ohio’s horizontal shale wells produced 3,577,553 barrels of oil and 345,241,753 Mcf (345 billion cubic feet) of natural gas, according to the figures released today by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).  Click on the title for more details.

  • AIPG Ohio Section Winter Dinner Presentation Recap

    AIPG Ohio Section Winter Dinner Presentation Recap

    On Thursday, February 16, 2017, the Ohio Section of AIPG once again held it's winter meeting at the Berry Room at the Nutter Center at the campus of Wright State University (WSU).  Attendees included a diverse mix of professionals, WSU faculty, and students from both the WSU Department of Earth Sciences and the Ohio State University School of Earth Sciences. The event was sponsored by ALS Environmental.  Guests enjoyed a social hour while browsing through raffle and silent auction items organized by the WSU student chapter members.

    Following dinner, Brent Smith, the current AIPG Ohio Section President, delivered the Presidents message, stressing the importance of building the future of the geologic profession through the mentoring and interaction with the student Chapters.  Brent also provided a summary of the full 2017 AIPG calendar, including dinner meetings, a planned field trip, a vapor intrusion short course, and more student events.  Following his message, Brent introduced the guest speaker for the evening, Robert W. Ritzi, PhD,Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio.

    After a brief message about the importance of graduate school, including field work and the thesis process, Dr. Ritzi gave his feature presentation, entitled Trapping of CO2 in Permeable Sections of the Reservoir; The New Paradigm in CO2 Geosequestration.  The presentation provided a summary of the general concept of the geosequestration of CO2, followed by a more in depth look at Dr. Ritzi's research conducted as part of a team funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. 

    Please click on the title to read the full article.


  • AIPG OSU Student Chapter Orton Geologic Museum Tour

    AIPG OSU Student Chapter Orton Geologic Museum Tour

    On Saturday, February 11th, 14 of student members of the Ohio State chapter of AIPG went on a tour of the Orton Geological Museum.

    Curator of the museum and dinosaur expert, Dale Gnidovec, began by taking us on a tour through time of Ohio’s Paleozoic geologic history. From the Cambrian to the Carboniferous, Ohio had a rich and biodiverse environment. We had the opportunity to touch and see many of the impressive Paleozoic marine fossils that flourished during the Paleozoic from giant brachiopods to the museum’s Dunkleosteus skull. Dale shared his extensive knowledge of the creatures who lived and died over 300 million year ago to make Ohio famous for its rich natural history.

    After the floor tour of the museum, we were taken behind the scenes, traversing down to the basement of Orton Hall and into a room packed with rare rocks and minerals. The part that received the most oohs and aahs had to have been when Mr. Gnidovec opened the pyrite drawer. The drawer contained every different form of the isometric crystal system, even an octahedron pyrite cluster! We concluded the tour with a group picture with Jeff, the 7-foot tall giant ground sloth, Orton’s unofficial mascot.

    We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Gnidovic for sharing his time with us over the weekend. His passion for earth history is obvious through his enthusiastic engagement and unparalleled knowledge presented in his lectures and guided tours. The School of Earth Sciences is truly lucky to have such an exemplary educator to represent our department.

    Please click on the title to see photos.

    Shelby Brewster

    AIPG Chapter President, Ohio State University

  • January 2017 OSU Student Chapter Meeting

    January 2017 OSU Student Chapter Meeting

    The Ohio State University Student Chapter of AIPG held their first meeting of 2017 of Tuesday, January 24th, which featured AIPG Member Mort Schmidt (CPG-08432) of Cox-Colvin and Associates as a guest presenter.  Student Chapter President Shelby Brewster welcomed the group of students with a brief introduction of the events scheduled for 2017, including a tour of the Orton Museum on February 11, the AIPG Ohio Section Winter Meeting as Wright State University on February 16th, and a second Guest Speaker presentation on February 28th.  Ms. Brewster then introduced AIPG Ohio Section President Brent Smith (CPG-11130), who delivered a welcoming message thanking the students for being active within AIPG.  Mr. Smith also stressed the importance of networking and gaining an understanding of potential career paths prior to graduation.  

    After a brief introduction by Mr. Smith, Mort Schmidt proceeded with the evening's presentation entitled Introduction to Vapor Intrusion.  Mr. Schmidt opened with a brief history of his career followed by a summary of the basic concepts of vapor intrusion and why its a significant topic in environmental regulation today.  The presentation focused on summarizing the physical concepts of vapor intrusion (how and why it happens), historical and modern sampling techniques, laboratory analysis, and data interpretation.  Mr. Schmidt also presented case studies demonstrating different approaches to vapor intrusion monitoring including the importance of understanding not only the geology, but also the building construction and site history.  Mr. Schmidt finished the presentation by summarizing resources available to students in order to prepare for future careers as published by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI).   Special thanks to Mr. Schmidt for his excellent presentation and dedication to AIPG and the geosciences profession!

  • AIPG Ohio Member Presentation to ASPE

    On January 17, 2017,  AIPG-Ohio Section member Brent Huntsman (CPG - 04620) presented a Lunch and Learn style lecture titled "Considerations in the Design, Installation and Use of Water Wells" to about fifty members of the Southwestern Ohio Section of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE). The ASPE is a professional organization representing over 6,000 members worldwide who promotes their profession among all segments of the construction industry by providing skilled innovative plumbing design, advanced construction techniques, and effective energy use. One purpose of the lecture was to provide a better understanding of the knowledge areas, expertness and services offered by professional geologists in developing water resources. Case histories and examples of how geologists can better support the professional plumbing engineers project needs were given. As evidenced by an extensive Q&A session following the presentation, members from both professions could significantly benefit from continued exchange of expertise and ideas.  Special thanks to Mr. Huntsman for his continued efforts representing AIPG and our profession as a whole.  For more information on ASPE please visit

  • U.S. EPA Releases Final report on Impacts from Hydraulic Fracturing Water Cycle on Drinking Water Resources

    U.S. EPA recently published the Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas: Impacts from the Hydraulic Fracturing Water Cycle on Drinking Water Resources in the United States (Final Report).  This final report provides a review and summary of available scientific information concerning the relationship between hydraulic fracturing activities and drinking water resources in the United States.  The website, which can be accessed here, provides a summary of of the report and links to the Executive Summary, Report, and associated appendices. 


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